We had some very tasty meals here this past week, please check out the links below, and for more menu planning inspiration check out Orgjunkie.com.  She has so many different menu plans linked on to her Menu Plan Monday post!  My favorite this week had to be the Lemon Basil Chicken, we love this dish so much.  I’ve been blue because my lemon basil and regular basil are not growing, but this week’s CSA included lemon AND lime basil, and my aunt gave me her share as well, so I had enough lemon & lime basil to make FIVE servings of this marinade.  We ate one serving, and I froze the other four.  There is nothing like pulling this marinade, or homemade pesto out of the fridge in the middle of the winter!

Here’s our menu for last week – all very yummy meals!

Skillet Pork Chops (from the Eat What you Love cookbook by Marlene Koch)
Best Burgers with Garlic Fries
Black Bean & Rice Burritos from Skinny Mom’s Kitchen (we actually ate these twice this week, and I used the remainder of the beans to make nachos…yuuuum)
Brinner: Junior’s Griddle Cakes, Bacon & Melon
Lemon Basil Chicken with angel hair pasta and roasted squash

I also co-hosted a wedding shower for my sister-in-law, so I made several appetizers, and ordered beautiful cookies from Vivian Sweets in Northern Kentucky.  I made French Onion Dip (served with Everything Bagels), Sundried Tomato & Basil Hummus (served with Pita), Basil Pesto Rounds and Pudding Shots!  To read more about this shower, visit my Pink & Black Roses & More Wedding Shower post.

I took a lot of pictures of food this week…

Here’s a bountiful buffet made by my Aunt Patti to celebrate her youngest son Stephen’s graduation.  I emulate my aunt’s kitchen skills, she makes everything seem so easy & effortless, and it’s always so delicious.
Lemon basil! I keep it in water until I’m ready to use it…I love this bouquet!
lemon basil
Squash (soon to be roasted with salt & olive oil):
Wedding shower cookies from Vivian Sweets:
vivian sweets
The wedding shower spread:
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