Keegan's Specialty Seafood MarketWe’ve been on a fish kick lately, Michael has made some delicious fish twice in the past week.  Lent is coming up, so it’s the perfect time to be on a fish kick.  We usually spend every Friday evening at our neighborhood fish fry (which is conveniently located directly behind our house so we can walk home afterwards….$5 pitchers of beer!).  We’ve decided this year to not go to the fish fry every single week, but to try to have healthier fish options at home to save money and eat healthier.  That’s not to say we won’t go to a couple…we love the fish fry season.  We love catching up with friends, splurging on cookies at the bake sale, and did I mention the $5 pitchers of beer?  But our goal is to spend most Fridays at home preparing our own fish.  We got in some practice cooking seafood today.

We had a hankering for fish today, and I was at a baby shower in Anderson, so I decided to stop by the fish market that I had heard my aunt rave about.  It’s Keegan’s Market: Specialty Seafood & Gourmet Grocery on Salem Road.  They have quite a selection of fish, soups, and more.  The people working there were so helpful & friendly.  The fish was fresh and delicious!   I see myself hitting this store up next time I’m over that way visiting our cousins.  Check them out on Facebook.

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For our dinner tonight I chose Tilapia and Scallops.  They were delicious, Michael prepared the tilapia with a fruit salsa and I prepared the bacon-wrapped scallops for him to grill.  Here are the recipes:  Scallops & Tilapia.

Do you have a favorite seafood recipe you’d like to share?  Please comment below!

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