The Cincinnati Art Museum is a treasure in our area for art lovers and those who want to learn more about art.  And thanks to a very special space within the museum, The REC: Rosenthal Education Center, now not only can you look at art and read about works of art, you can actually experiment with art and create your own masterpieces.

This space was created with the youngest visitors of the Cincinnati Art Museum in mind.  Children can explore and create in the REC.  The space is open and bright and the activities are placed low on the wall so they are at eye (and hand) level for the children.  The REC has a different “theme” for the activities that changes several times a year, so you can learn and create in new ways throughout the year.   I attended a workshop for teachers in the REC and I was in awe of the amazing art space for children.  I cannot wait to take my children back to the Cincinnati Art Museum this summer, and I can imagine that we will spend a good amount of time hanging out in the REC!

Children and their families are welcome to explore the REC whenever the Art Museum is open.  There is no charge, and the opportunities for  learning and creating are priceless.

The REC: Rosenthal Education Center at the Cincinnati Art Museum

Visit the Cincinnati Art Museum’s website to learn more about the REC.