Today is World Smile Day and you can give so many people a smile with Walkers Shortbread!  I received a collection of Walkers Shortbread treats to give to others to share smiles.  I created smiles by sharing my Walkers Shortbread at the public preschool where I teach.  We had a special snack planned for today, Berry Kabobs that the children were able to make themselves.  They had a variety of berries to put on a cocktail straw.  It was a yummy treat that helped with fine motor skills.  I brought the cookies as an added bonus to serve with the Barry Kabobs and I think it was the first time many of them had eaten shortbread.  There was no shortness of smiles in my classroom today!

There are so many ways to use Walkers Shortbread to spread smiles in your community.  Check out my list of ways to share smiles with shortbread…

World Smile Day with Walkers Shortbread

  1.  Take Walkers Shortbread and share with a homeless shelter.
  2. Visit your local police station or fire department with a box full of shortbread.
  3. Share with children at a local hospital.
  4. Surprise the staff or guests at a local community agency such as a women’s shelter or orphanage.
  5. Drive or walk around town and put them into the hands of folks you pass by who look like they might be down on their luck or just having a bad day.
  6. Host a tea party at a senior citizen’s home with Walkers Shortbread and tea.
  7. Send them to school with your children to give the teachers and staff as a special treat.
  8. Host a cookie decorating party with young children – give them shortbread, icing and sprinkles and let them go to town.
  9. Donate the cookies to a local organization hosting a bake sale to boost their fundraising efforts.
  10. Treat yourself!  Sometimes you just need to pick up your own spirits…grab a box of Walkers Shortbread!

Disclaimer:  This is a sponsored post.  All opinions are 100%  my own.