I’m coming to you today with some exciting news, and perhaps a bit of begging on my part.  I have created my very own Amazon Shop for this blog…The Little Things Store.  It’s in the beginning stages, but what I’ve done is put together a few categories I think my readers might be interested in, and added things to those categories that are of interest to my family. 

For instance, the “Games we Play” section has several different games that my family loves to play together ~ like Candyland!  And there are categories for books, outdoor activities (camping!), the kitchen, and more. 
What I would love is if you shop at Amazon on a regular basis, please consider using my links to get yourself to Amazon to do your shopping.  If you use the Amazon links on my blog, I will earn a small percentage from any shopping you do on Amazon when you use my links simply because I am an Amazon Affiliate.  You do not have to make purchase from my shop if my stuff doesn’t interest you…you only have to get to Amazon from my blog for me to get “credit”.
I figure I have many friends out there who are already shopping on Amazon…so all you’d have to do is get to Amazon through my blog!  I would be very grateful!

How to Shop from Amazon via the Little Things Store: 
Simply click on the Amazon shop link on the right side of this blog page, and you can browse my shop, OR click on the Amazon logo and it will take you straight to Amazon! 

Please take a few minutes to browse the Little Things Store, who knows, maybe you will find some inspiration for holiday shopping!  Happy Shopping! 

And please leave a comment below if you have ideas for things I can stock in my Amazon Store!

Thank you!!!