Have you been to Augusta, Kentucky?  Augusta is a quaint river town, and being there makes one feel as if they have taken a step back in time.  It is not only a lovely place to visit, but the drive to get there along Route 8 in Kentucky is beautiful as you wind your way along the Ohio River.  Slow down, take the back roads and enjoy a day appreciating life along the Ohio in one of Kentucky’s great old small towns.

A Few Things to Do in Augusta, Kentucky:

Take a stroll through town…

Visit the Welcome Center & Rotary Railroad Museum:

Do a little shopping at some of the fine shops around town:

Take a walk along the Ohio River and hold hands with your little brother…
Or just sit and watch boats on the river:
Visit the Ol’ General Store:
You could ask your mother for ice cream…
Grab a bite to eat at the Beehive Tavern:
Watch the river roll by and have a snack while you wait for the ferry to arrive:
Ride the ferry across the Ohio River:
Admire the view & dream about a slower paced life:

There’s more to do in Augusta!  There are shops, restaurants, and if you want to stay for more than a day there are a few B&B’s and Inns to choose from for your visit.  For more information about Augusta Kentucky, visit augustaky.com