I guess you might have noticed, many of my blog entries of late have been centered around fall. I love autumn, it’s my favorite season. I’m not a fan of heat and humidity…give me the cool, crisp days anytime! Soup, windows open, leaves crunching, sweaters…love it! The next best thing will be a fire in the fireplace! Of course, there are some downsides. All the leaves, although they are very pretty, can be an absolute nightmare when it comes to home maintenance. They are constantly blocking up the gutters and causing damage to the house. However, you can prevent those by investing in a gutter guard, like the ones found at https://www.mastershieldatl.com/, for example, which will allow you to enjoy the season without worrying about the house becoming damaged. OK, enough about my excitement over fall. Today Ella raked a little pile of leaves and we let Henry play in them. He LOVED it! Perhaps he will be a fall fanatic like his mama someday?

Henry just learned how to pull himself up into a sitting position this week, and he’s oh so proud of himself. He’s been sitting for a month or so, if I put him on the floor in a sitting position, but on Tuesday he mastered the trick himself. and then on Wednesday he pulled himself into a standing position. Oh my. Next thing you know….
sometimes I hate how fast they grow.