It seems that summer bucket lists are quite popular this summer, so we’ve made one of our own. I think bucket lists can be really helpful particularly when you get older as this infographic suggests. I sat down with the kids and we created a long list of things we want to do this summer. Some of the items on this list are things we already do on a regular basis, while others are new to us, or things we don’t get to do very often. I don’t know that we will be able to have all of these adventures, but having this list will help us focus on what we want to do for fun. It’s pretty lengthy (remember I had three young ones helping me dream up this list) but we’ve already crossed a few things off in the first few weeks of summer break. I can’t wait to see what else we end up doing this summer! Please feel free to leave comments below if you have ideas I should add to this list!

Our summer bucket list: (Updated 8/18/11)
We were lucky enough to do many things on our bucket list this summer! We even added a few things: Hike at Shawnee Lookout, A ride on the Anderson Ferry, A hike at Dinsmore Homestead, and two vacations! We were very busy! We’ll have to add some of these activities on to next summer’s bucket list!
~ Hike at Big Bone
~ Storytime
~ Highfield Discovery Garden
~ Visit Ault Park
~ Explore Fort Ancient
~ Newport Aquarium
~ Cincinnati Museum Center
~ Totter’s Otterville
~ Grocery shop at Jungle Jim’s
~ Spend a day at Eden Park, visit the Art Museum
~ Roller Skate
~ Swim at our swim club
~ Day trip to Louisville Zoo
~ Bike ride at the farm
~ Behringer Crawford Museum
~ Walk the Purple People Bridge
~ Ride bikes at Pioneer Park
~ Hike at Withrow Nature Preserve
~ Take a walk at Spring Grove Cemetery
~ Day trip to Lexington to visit friends
~ Cincinnati Zoo
~ Bike riding at the International Freedom Park
~ Play at Lunken Airport’s Playfields
~ Explore Rowe Woods
~ Hike in the woods at Highland Cemetery

If you are looking for more fun ideas in the Greater Cincinnati area, check out Family Friendly Cincinnati’s bucket list as well! And don’t forget to give me your ideas!