This week we went for a long walk in the woods at the Dinsmore Homestead.  After our walk we explored the grounds a bit.  It was a beautiful & Hiking at Dinsmore Homesteadpeaceful morning.  Dinsmore Homestead is a gorgeous historic site located in Burlington, about 25 minutes from downtown Cincinnati & Covington where you can learn what country life was like years ago.  The grounds have a cemetery, nature trails, as well as some well preserved buildings and sheds.  The home has antiques, furniture, journals, artwork and more collected from five generations of the Dinsmore family living in this home.  The home is a museum with all of these treasures, but you feel like you are going back in time and entering someone’s home in 19th century.  My dad has been taking us to visit this historic treasure since we were children.  It’s a great place to hike or to learn about the history of our area by getting a glimpse into the past inside the Dinsmore home.

Dinsmore Homestead in Burlington, Kentucky ::

Dinsmore Homestead
Dinsmore Homestead Graves

Dinsmore Homestead Vines
Dinsmore Homestead Henry
Dinsmore Homestead Backyard
Dinsmore Homestead Ella
Dinsmore Homestead Sam
Dinsmore Homestead :: 5656 Burlington Pike, Burlington, KY 41005    859-586-6117  Visit their website for more information such as tour dates/times to plan your visit.  The hiking trail at Dinsmore is a little less than 2 miles and it is a loop.  The trail begins behind the house, just walk up the hill towards the wine house and the cemetery and you will find the beginning of the trail marked by a wooden sign (see top picture).  There are some hills, but my young children navigated it with no problem.  Happy Trails!