A Tavola Pizza in Over The RhineI had the grand opportunity to dine at A Tavola in Over the Rhine tonight…it was delicious.  It was the annual gathering of my sweet Auntie Annie and her nieces.  Each year on we get together to enjoy a meal and catch up together.  This was my first trip to A Tavola, and I loved the meal.  The great thing about going to a new restaurant with a big group is that you get to try all kinds of dishes!  We tried so many amazing dishes, that I’m already wanting to go back.  I’ll spare you any more verbal descriptions and just show you how mouthwateringly delicious it was…

A Tavola Pizza in Over The Rhine ::

Bacon Tapenade + Goat Cheese Bruschette:

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Roasted Cauliflower:
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Holy huge mixer, Batman!
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Ginger Beer Me:
462012b 036
Fig + Prosciutto Signature Pizza:
462012b 044
Artichoke Pizza on top, Tonight’s Special on bottom:
462012b 054
Tonight’s Special: Fried Eggplant +Mozzerella + Roma Tomatoes + Pesto Aioli:
462012b 056
House Made Soft Serve Gelato…our waitress said “trust me” and I’m so glad we did, they were amazing:
462012b 086
Have you been to A Tavola?  What’s your favorite thing on the menu?  Please tell me in the comments below, because I intend to go back again soon!