We took advantage of the gorgeous Spring weather yesterday and went for a very long walk/bike ride/stroller ride all over Covington.  We saw our church, the house that I lived in until I was eight, we ran into Aunt Rita & cousin Robin at the post office, picked up new books at the library, and visited a few of our favorite shops: Stoney’s gifts, All Things Princess & Fairy and MK’s Totebags & Monogramming.  On our way back to our car we had a little bike trouble…Sam’s chain popped off and I could not get it back on to save my life.  I had just given up when a kind gentleman crossed the street to lend a hand.  He got down on the ground and fixed it, and this took him a few minutes, but he said he was determined because if he couldn’t fix it then his friend would make fun of him.  I couldn’t believe how nice this guy was to stop in the middle of his busy day (he was obviously on his way somewhere with his friend) to help a mama in need.  It was refreshing to come across such a sweet Good Samaritan.

A Long Walk in the COV ::

Sam…on the go:
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Mother of God Church:
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I LOVE the mosaic signs that decorate the different neighborhoods within the city of Covington:
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4212012b 029
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Our old house:
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On the way home…taking a long ride in a stroller can be exhausting:
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