We went to the Candy Bar today in the Main Strasse Village, with a gift certificate  the kids got for their birthday from our cousins, Doug, Vicky (from Vicky & Jen : What Really Matters) and their lovely munchkins.  They always think of the coolest gifts.  This year they gave the kids a “Summer Fun” box filled with a collection of gift cards to fun places…like the Candy Bar!  The kids eached picked a piece of candy and a bottle of rootbeer.  It was a happy day indeed!  The Candy Bar is a great place to find any kind of candy…this shop is a blast from the past with an old time candy shop feel to it.  And they even carry a bunch of favorites from when I was small that you don’t see in stores too often these days.  If you want to give your kids (or even yourself) a sweet treat I’d recommend stopping here for a visit!  Your sweet tooth will thank you.

The Candy Bar ::

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