Until three weeks ago it had been over a decade since I had ridden a bike. I don’t know why I let this happen, because I love riding a bike! I’m so glad my daddio, baby sister and I are making weekly bike rides happen now. Next up…getting Michael and Johnny out with us! You know what a picture-taking freak I am, so of course I have pictures from our rides to share with you. I love my Canon Elph! As you can see in the pictures I’m wearing a bike helmet, safety first people! Always safety. We will be riding on main roads and quieter places, so you never know when a car could come round the corner at top speed and knock you flat out, or at least do some serious damage to you, that is why we’ve all go to be as careful as we can be, although, I can be as safe as possible, but it all depends on the other person as well. I had a friend who was innocently riding her bike, being as careful as she could be with all the right safety equipment and a car came round the corner, and nearly took her completely out, she suffered some damage but luckily didn’t lose her life! She had to contact a bike injury lawyer to go over her case to prove she was not the one at fault for her injuries. Going through something like that is scary and I seriously don’t want that to happen to any of us! If this has happened to you, you may want to learn more about what the next steps are to take and how to go about it, don’t let them get away with something that clearly puts them in the wrong. After that side note, let’s get back to something on a lighter note.
It really was…just like riding a bike! I was trying my best to get a picture of me and my Tessy here.
My Dad…a superstar biker
We ride around Lunken, and I love seeing the planes take off and land up close.
Tess is pretty much a superstar too.
Dad approaching the Ohio River (and the car…such a long ride!)
Pretty in Pink