Michael’s brother and his fiance Jenny (now his bride) had a grand wedding in September, and I got it into my head that the boys needed to have ties that coordinated with the wedding party.  See, Michael and Ella were in the wedding and were going to be wearing pink accents with their outfits, so I wanted us all to look coordinated for family pictures.  The end result looked mighty fine (in my opinion).

Sewing Neck Ties for the Boys:

First I went out and bought yards and yards of pretty pink fabrics:
9222012 008
Also bought a great pattern – Little Guys Ties from Sewn Studio in Oakley.  There are many free tutorials online, but I really liked this one!  It had several different patterns included…ties for babies, ties for boys, ties for dad and even bow ties.  I had to adjust the measurements a bit, because my boys are so short.  If you are making ties, I’d suggest you plan to make a practice one first.
9222012 009
Making neckties for the boys was so easy!
9222012 014
My first tie…not bad!
9302012 001
The four finished ties, for my three sons and my nephew.
1032012 473
Tada!  The boys matched the groomsmen!
9302012 228
And then I used the extra fabric to make some new cloth napkins.  You can find my super simple tutorial for cloth napkins here.
11132012b 001
I cannot wait to make more ties for the boys!  And for Michael too.