Korean Beef Wonton RecipeI have a delicious appetizer recipe to share with you, but before you can make this appetizer, you need to make dinner.  That’s right, dinner.  Right around thanksgiving I had made Korean Beef & Rice from the Lizzy Writes blog for dinner (see picture to the right ).  It’s a family favorite, and soooo very easy to make.  I had made a double batch, so there were leftovers.  We had several parties over Thanksgiving weekend, and appetizers are my thing, and I always love to try new recipes, so I decided to do something with our Korean Beef leftovers.  The appetizer was oh so simple to make, and was definitely a crowd-pleaser!

Korean Beef Wonton Appetizers ::

(Thank you to Lizzy Writes for inspiring this recipe!)

11252012 028Ingredients:
Wonton wrappers (at my local grocery store they are in the organic section in the fridge.  I used round ones, but you could use square)
Korean Beef (from Lizzy Writes)
Green onions


Preheat oven to: 350°.  Put one wonton wrapper into each section of a mini-muffin pan (see picture).  Then spoon the Korean Beef mixture into each wonton wrapper.  Bake at 350° for about ten minutes, until edges of wonton wrapper are golden.  Keep a close watch on these, as they will burn easily!  Chop green onions and sprinkle on top of wontons after they are out of oven.  Serve warm.

Korean Beef Appetizer Recipe

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