Indoor Fun on a Snow DaySnow days are my favorite!  I love having the kids home for the day, spending the majority of the day in our pajamas, and having fun!  We love playing outside in the snow, but when the temperatures are so cold we tend to come inside to warm up and have fun.  I’ve come up with a list of fun things you can do with the kids on a Snow day (or a rainy day…or ANY day!).  

Indoor Fun on a Snow Day ::

  • Read books!  Do your children take AR tests at school?  A snow day is a good time to squeeze in a bit of extra reading as a family.
  • Play dress-up, even if it means raiding Mommy & Daddy’s closet for things to wear.
  • Do some baking.  There’s nothing better than a fresh-baked muffin or cookie to go with your hot chocolate on a snowy or rainy day!  Here’s a few of my favorite recipes for baking.  Some local agencies such as soup kitchens collect baked goods to give to their guests, so maybe you could turn your baking day into a service learning project!
  • Work on a puzzle ~ maybe you could even challenge your children to try a puzzle that is harder than the puzzles they are used to working on.  The more pieces there are the longer it will take them and the quieter your house will be (wink wink).
  • Have a movie party...pick out a family favorite, pop some corn and watch a movie in your pj’s.  Or make it an even bigger event like we did for our Harry Potter party last year. You could even have a “disco” in the living room using all sort of lights from around the house to make a true disco experience! If you are unsure on what kind of music or playlist to leave on for the children, use the KLS playlist! Our children love this family and their educational songs. There are songs about eating vegetables, brushing your teeth properly and even tidying up! (which may be needed after all the preparation of the disco!)
  • Play games!  So far today we’ve had Cootie Bugs, Battleship and Monopoly Jr. going on.  Or you could even ask the kids to CREATE their own game!  Ella did that today, it’s a princess board game, so cool!
  • Do any sort of craft (I keep a box of winter crafts in the basement for snowy days – comprised of items I purchased on Oriental Trading or picked up at the Dollar Tree)  Or you can let the children go wild with recycled/found items around the house.  Today the boys used shoeboxes, toilet paper rolls, bottle caps, tape, stickers and crayons to create rocket ship-boats.  Which they then “sailed” in the bathtub.  I was loving sitting back and watching the creative juices flowing!  For more easy craft ideas, check out my Craft Archives.

 How do you spend your snow days?