10202012 004Our family LOVES playing games together.  And there are so many games to choose from, we have a crazy amount of board games, card games, etc.  The kids love playing Monopoly Jr, LEGO Creationary, Battleship, and games of that sort.  But our selection of games that are appropriate for the littlest one in our house is not that great.  Luckily, we have the Silly Faces game (made by Colorforms, available to purchase in our Amazon Shop).  The Silly Faces Game is awesome for young children, I’d say anywhere from 2 years and up.  It’s simple enough for them to play because there is no reading required,  you simply make a spin and then “make your clown face” based on what you spin.  Henry has even been known to play this game by himself, decorating all the clown faces in the box.  This game makes him laugh, teaches him how to take turns, and makes him feel like a big kid.

Here’s the Silly Faces Game description from Amazon:

Be the first to build a complete silly face! Spin the spinner to see what silly feature you can add to your face. Wacky eyes, funny noses, goofy mouths, and silly ears! An easy-to-learn game that encourages gallons of giggles. Simple rules, large formats, fun graphics, sturdy components. For 2-4 players.

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What are your family’s favorite games? 

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