ShowerKileyLindseyWe attended a shower for my cousins Kiley & Lindsey a few weeks ago.  It was very charming, and I wanted to share some pictures from the event.  I’m always filing away ideas for future parties…and there were some very sweet touches at this baby shower.  There wasn’t any grand theme or over the top decorations, just sweet & simple.  I have to note that the beautiful baby blanket Lindsey is holding in this picture was made by my Auntie Annie.  All four of my children have one of her blankets and they are treasured.  I have a few that she has made for me as well and I love them dearly.  She is teaching me to crochet too…but I’m such a rookie!

A Sweet Shower for a Baby Boy:

After the ice cream sundae baby shower gift that Ella and I made for my cousins Dan & Holly, we knew we had to be creative this time around as well!  We found a tutorial for making these adorable diaper babies.  Aren’t they cute!?  And I also made bibs again as well, using Bend the Rules Sewing by Amy Karol.

My favorite thing about this baby shower was the Mimosa Bar…how cute is this?!?  It was a brunch, so the Mimosa Bar was a perfect touch!
And the food was amazing at this party…they had bagels, breakfast quiches, fresh fruit, hash brown casserole (that I made!), coffee cake and more.
And instead of a traditional cake they served individual sweets…brownies, candy & cookies.  Sweet!