We went to the Circus last night at USBank arena, and it was a blast!  This year’s theme (DRAGONS!) made for a show like any other that I’ve seen before.  The kids were enthralled, and so were the parents.  There were lions and tigers and elephants, oh my!  And at the end a fierce dragon did make an appearance, much to the delight of the audience!  There were ladies hanging by their hair, kung fu masters, and of course…clowns!  I didn’t get too many good shots during the show, but here’s a few.  The circus will be here until Sunday, March 17th so if you don’t have tickets yet, get them now!!  You don’t want to miss this show!

Also, before the show there was a special bloggers event and we got to talk to some of the mothers that are in the show.  It was really fascinating to hear these women who’s families have been in the Circus life for generations talk about traveling and performing with children in tow.  There’s a school and a nursery that travel with the Circus for the children, and many of the children start taking lessons like juggling at an early age.  I have to admit, the circus life fascinates me, and I loved hearing more about behind the scenes!