Just writing this post is making my stomach growl…I mean, look at that coffee cake!  It is so heavenly.  I only make it twice a Pull Apart Coffee Cakeyear…for Christmas and for Easter.  And I always take it to Michael’s family party on those days, because if I weren’t taking it to a party I’m afraid I’d eat the whole thing.  It’s that good.  And it is simple to make.  The recipe has been around for ages.  My Great Aunt Helen makes this cake, as did Michael’s Grandfather when he was alive.  I’ve always used the Ultimate Coffee Cake Recipe from Paula Deen, but it’s the same as theirs.  So this pull apart coffee cake recipe has been around the block.  It is tried and true.  And out of this world.  If you have a brunch or breakfast coming up and need to make a dish, this is perfect!  I feel the need to say though…it is NOT healthy.  It is a treat..one I make just twice a year.  Everything in moderation!

Paula Deen’s Ultimate Coffee Cake Recipe