Recently I attended an Artworks event at the Contemporary Arts Center in Downtown Cincinnati.  We were there to learn about power2give, which is partnering with ArtWorks in Cincinnati to bring funding to arts & cultural projects.  I’m all about the arts in our community, whether it be enjoying the arts myself or exposing my children to the arts.  We love going to museums to see art, taking art classes, going to the Opera, seeing plays, going to concerts and anything else that helps our family learn about and enjoy the arts.

With power2give you can pick the projects that you specifically want to help fund in your community, so if you’d like to contribute to the arts in your community, this is a perfect tool for you!  Here’s information about the power2give/ArtWorks partnership from their website:
“Since our inception 17 years ago, ArtWorks has partnered with other organizations to create greater impact in our community. That’s why power2give is such a natural fit for ArtWorks and the collaborative, public projects we produce. makes posting projects, promoting them to different audiences, giving in support of your interests, and engaging with one another in our community easy, rewarding and fun for all involved.”
If you’d like to learn more about ArtWorks and power2give, or find out how you can help be sure to read the Family Friendly Cincinnati post about how power2give and ArtWorks are Growing Community Support of the Arts.  I love that they are collaborating to do great things for the arts in our community!

Here’s a few pictures of the event we attended at the CAC Downtown.  It was quite an event, there was tasty grub from Dojo Gelato and Fusian Sushi, great music and we were surrounded by Shepard Fairey masterpieces….all while learning about the great things going on in the art community of Cincinnati!