Last night we attended the most magical artistic performance that I’ve seen in years.  And I’ve seen some terrific shows, but this event was in a class Lumenocity 2013of it’s own.  The Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra teamed up with the May Festival Chorus, Singers from the Cincinnati Opera, and dancers from the Cincinnati Ballet to put on a show unlike any other….LumenoCity.  The music itself was outstanding, but when you added in the spectacular light show designed by Landor Associates you had a mind-blowing experience.


I can’t even describe this show adequately, and my pictures do it no justice (as I forgot my nice Rebel camera), but it’s not too late, you can catch this show tonight (Sunday, August 4, 2013) and it’s my hope that they will repeat this event every summer (fingers crossed!).  I cannot stop thinking about this show, I could hardly sleep last night I was so excited.  And I know that my husband and children were enthralled as well.  The event was packed with people, and normally I’m incredibly anxious in huge crowds, but I am so glad I braved the crowds and stayed.

Lumenocity at Washington Park 2013
If you go tonight be sure to see the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra website for more details about the show and for pracitical tips while attending the show read this great post by 365 Things to do in Cincinnati, she sums up all the tips that I’ve been giving friends about braving the crowds and finding good seats and such.  We got to the park several hours before the show with a picnic for the kids.  While we waited we read books, the kids played Uno, we went to the playground and did a little crocheting.  I also waited in line at the food trucks for a long time to get sandwiches.  While the sandwiches from EAT! Mobile Dining were delicious (mmmmm grilled paneer sandwich), the line was crazy because of how many people were in attendance (and I waited until the last minute to get food).  In hindsight, I wish I had either gotten in line right when we arrived at the park when there were no lines, or packed our sandwiches.  Also, wish I had taken the kids to the bathroom BEFORE the show started.  Oh well, lesson learned, and I could still hear the beautiful music while waiting for the restroom.  Despite having to wait in line a couple times, it was still a wonderful family night out on the town.  These will be memories we treasure forever.

A Short Video from LumenoCity:

Here’s a few shots I took, still kicking myself for forgetting my other camera….

Lumenocity 2

Lumenocity 3

Lumenocity 1
Lumenocity 4