Monster Face CookiesIt’s the perfect time of  year to have some monstrously good fun in the kitchen with the munchkins!  These Monster Face Cookies are a simple tasty treat for the kids to put together, and you can turn it into a monster bash by reading some monster themed books and perhaps even working on a Monster Craft!  Some of our favorite Monster titles are Go Away Big Green Monster by Ed Emberley, Leonardo the Teribble Monster by Mo Willems and The Monster at the End of this Book by Jon Stone.  Check them out at your local library!  And to take your monster themed day a step further you could make Monster Crafts!

Monster Face cookies are perfect for your Fall Parties, or for a Class Halloween Party!  I’m always struggling to come up with fun crafts and snacks for my kid’s classroom parties when I’m helping out, but the Monster Cookies are always a hit!

How to Make Monster Face Cookies ::

Step One: Gather your ingredients.  Buy or make some ROUND sugar cookies, tint some icing with any “monster colors” you’d like to use, and pull out some odds and ends of candies, raisins, nuts and such.

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Step Two: Spread some icing on your monster face cookie:

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Step Three:  Give your monster cookie a crazy face!

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Step Four: Enjoy that monster face cookie with a glass of milk!