The aMAZEing Labyrinth Board GameOur family loves to play games, so when Michael’s aunt offered me a bunch of games that her (now adult) children had enjoyed when they were young of course I said yes!  One of the games was The aMAZEing Labyrinth from Ravensburger Games.  We took it with us camping last month and played it all weekend long.  It was a fun game, perfect for kids and adults.  It had ghosts, dragons, princesses and more which the kids thought was pretty cool.  And they could trap each other in the maze, which they also thought was awesome.
I’m not 100% sure we were playing the game the exact way we were supposed to, because I find rules on Ravensburger games to be sort of vague and open to interpretation.  But that made no difference, we still had fun!  Even after doing some googling and searching YouTube videos, it seems that different people play different variations of this game.  It’s actually a pretty simple game, and the short list of rules makes things uncomplicated for the young ones.  The original aMAZEing Labyrinth is a vintage game that you can find on Etsy and Ebay, but there are newer versions of Labyrinth games you can find on store shelves.  I love trying new games with the kids, and this one really had us all using our thinking caps.  It’s a game of strategy and puzzle-solving that makes kids really think and figure things out in order to win the game.  I’m glad we have a new (to us) board game to play around here.  What’s your favorite game?