Want to make sure your child keeps their hat on this winter?  Get them a funky hand-made hat!  Our kids don’t want to take their new hats off at all, even when they are inside!  Have no fear…if you don’t have the skills to crochet or knit a hat for your child, there are places you can find hats for sale!  Henry’s Angry Bird and Max’s Creeper came from my friend Tela, who owns the Bluegrass Boutique.  And Ella’s Owl and Sam’s Minion came from a Craft Fair, made by Susan of Susan’s Handmade Crafts.  Ella’s hat has a mini hat to match for her Kit doll.  So if you want to be able to spot your kids easily while they are whizzing down the hills sledding, consider a handmade hat!  You can check your local craft fairs, as this is the season for craft sales…or contact Tela through her Bluegrass Boutique Facebook Page.