Raising an independent child is no easy task.  I’ll admit it, when my four year old is begging to make his own peanut butter and jelly sandwich all I can think about is the MESS.  It would be so much easier for me to just whip up a sandwich for him.  But last week when Henry begged to make his own sandwich I relented.  The way I see it is that aside from the MESS it would make it would be a great learning experience.  Every time I teach my children how to do something for themselves I am teaching them ways to be independent.  And for every task they learn how to do on their own that is one less task for Mama to do.  So aside from the MESS, it’s a win-win for me to encourage the munchkins to do things on their own like make themselves a sandwich.  And to be completely honest, the mess wasn’t all that bad either.  Cleaning it up was another learning experience I gifted to Henry.  And then last night he was an active participant in lunch packing with the other kids!  I love when my children grow and learn by doing things for themselves.

Henry PBJ 1  Henry PBJ 2

Henry PBJ 3

Henry PBJ 4

Henry PBJ 5

How are YOU raising an independent child?