So it’s true, The Works IT is my newest advertiser, and I’m obligated to tell you that.  Now that the formalities are over I can The Works IT postassure you that The Works IT is more than just an advertiser.  This business was more like a partner to me for the past few months.  I promise you that this sponsored blog post is going to be a 100% true heartfelt description of The Works IT from my point of view.

The Works IT was recommended to me when I took to Facebook crying about a need for change.  I wanted to find a new host, I wanted to move my blog, I wanted to move our other various websites.  But I didn’t know where to start, or how to start, and the thought of doing all this made me incredibly anxious.  I’ve known Ian Gilligan, who runs the Works IT for several years, and he’s a great guy, so when my cousin recommended his business I felt like my tech-move would be in good hands.  This feeling of security was solidified when we had our first phone conversation outlining the changes I wanted to make.  Ian’s such a good guy that he never once made fun of the fact that talking to me about technology is like talking to a small child about technology.  I use such phrases as “you know that interweb connection thing”.  He was able to decipher my non-techno lingo and answer my questions in a way that made everything clear to me without making me feel like an idiot for asking so many questions.

After  our initial phone call Ian sent me a proposal with a quote, and several different service options to choose from.  We talked about what would work best for me, decided on a plan and got the ball rolling.  In just two weeks I had a new home for my blog, a new host, my other three websites were moved to the new host, email services were moved and created, and a few fires were put out along the way (one of the websites had a virus unbeknownst to us).  All of the changes were made within the agreed upon time-frame, but I can tell you it was the longest two weeks in the world!  I felt like I was waiting for the stork to arrive and drop off a baby on my porch!  That’s just how excited I was about having a new home for my blog.

Even though I gave Ian a laundry list of things to do for me, like switching the websites, switching emails, creating new emails and moving the blog, the one I was most excited about was the blog moving.  In our discussions at the beginning when Ian presented all of my options I decided that while I could probably feel my way around WordPress and install plugins and make changes on my own with a short tutorial, I still felt like I could use a little hand-holding for the first year, so I signed up with the Works IT for a year of some routine maintenance, such as weekly backups and updates and such.  And even though it is all said and done and everything is moved over  Ian has still made himself available to answer a few questions that I’ve had pop up.  And I’m glad he’s still there in the background updating and backing things up so that if I ever do blow up my blog somehow, he’ll be there to pick up the pieces at a decent hourly rate.

If you are a blogger looking to make some changes I highly recommend the Works IT.  The prices are fair and Ian really knows what he’s doing in what I see as the mystical world of computers and technology.  Moving blogs, setting up emails and such isn’t all that he can do of course.  I’ve already told you how technologically challenged I can be, so I won’t try to explain to you all of the other great services he offers, but here’s a little bit from the Works IT website to give you a glimpse of what great things they can do:

“What’s with the name”, you ask? You’re probably quite familiar with hearing the term “the works” when it comes to things like products and food, meaning “everything”. Like a large pizza with “the works”, or a “the works” car wash. Well, we decided that’s an accurate description of our company and brought it into a totally different industry. It’s like ordering a company specializing in Information Technology that you can go to, not just for computer repair, but a company you can go to for “the works”. Everything. All services and products for home users and businesses alike – computer repair, virus removal, networking, Web design, Web hosting, domain names, email accounts, tech tutorials, and so much more.  You may be used to seeing this type of business strategy offered in Superstores, but why not take that idea of easy, one-stop shopping to the IT industry?  That’s what we thought, too.

Give Ian Gilligan at the Works IT a shout if you are looking for someone to help you out in the technology department!  And be sure to check out the Works IT website and the Works IT Facebook page.

What do you think about my blog’s new digs?  Have you explored the site?  I’m still making changes every day, working hard to fine-tune everything so that recipes will be easier to find, craft inspiration will be sorted out, and organizing tips will be at your finger tips.  The coming months are going to be busy, as I finish getting the blog all dolled up for you.  Thank you to my readers for coming along for the ride, and thank you to Ian and the Works IT for a fabulous job on all of this!