I told you a few months back all about the MyNKY campaign in which I am participating as an ambassador.  The six-month longPrint “MyNKY” campaign is coming to an end, and before it’s over we are reaching out to friends and family to find out what YOU want to see in YOUR Northern Kentucky.  It’s so nice to know that there are people out there listening to us and are making efforts to find out what WE want in our Northern Kentucky communities.  I love that the folks behind MyNKY are passionate about making Northern Kentucky a better place to live by turning to the folks that live, work and play in this area.  So far over 8,000 responses have been gathered using poll questions, challenge questions and games.  I’ve piped up several times to give my two cents about what I want to see in MY Northern Kentucky.



Before the campaign ends, take a few minutes to give a fun shout out to MyNKY to let them know what you want to see in your community!  They’ve made it so easy for you, simply print out this speech bubble, write in your thoughts, then share them via social media (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook) using the hashtag #myNKY.  I can’t wait to hear what you want to see in YOUR Northern Kentucky!  And don’t just stop with your own answers, reach out to family members, co-workers, friends, or even your own children as I did.  Ask anyone and everyone what they want to see in Northern Kentucky!   And there is no wrong answer (as evidenced by Sam and Henry’s pictures below).

Here’s what My Family wants to see in their NKY:


“More Otters”

 "Older Historic Houses Fixed Up"

“Older Historic Houses Fixed Up”
"Less Pollution"

“Less Pollution”

"More Lightsabers"

“More Lightsabers”

"More Parks"

“More Parks”

"More Bike Trails and Hiking Trails"

“More Bike Trails and Hiking Trails”

"More Public Education Choices"

“More Public Education Choices”

Now is the time!  Make your voice heard!  MyNKY is here to listen!

Where to find MyNky:

To answer Poll Questions, Challenge Questions, or to play the game please visit www.mynky.org

Twitter: @my_nky
Facebook: www.facebook.com/itsmynky
Instagram: www.instagram.com/my_nky 
Youtube channel: www.youtube.com/user/itsmynky

Be sure to use: #mynky when using social media!

Disclosure: I have been an Ambassador for myNKY throughout the campaign, and I’ve enjoyed seeing all of the conversations about what we want to see in our Northern Kentucky!