Wednesday was the last day of Camp Carnegie for Ella and Max.  And they are STILL chattering about it days later.  They loved this camp experience so much, and I loved hearing about it from them, and watching their big performances on stage at the Carnegie.  I love that they spent their six days at the Carnegie thinking creatively, using their imaginations, making new friends, designing costumes, working as a team, developing a script, rehearsing, and just plain old having fun.  The show that they perform is always very sweet and funny and they always seem to have some sort of life lesson built into it for the kids to take with them.  This camp is priceless, and perfect for my children.  It’s our second year at Camp Carnegie, and here’s to many more!

Each Camp Carnegie session lasts for six days (four hours each day) and ends with a performance for the families to come see.  This summer’s sessions might be full, but there is always next summer.   Be sure to sign your child up early!

I’m going to share some of my pictures from their show with you, but I have to point out that one of my favorite things about this camp was watching my daughter on stage with one of my former students.  It’s been a long time since I’ve been in the classroom, and this little girl was in my last preschool class before I stopped teaching.  Ella and Hue became friends during their time at Camp Carnegie, which made me so happy. I’ve also thrown in some pictures I snapped of the building.  The Carnegie is such a historic gem in Covington, I’m so glad it is part of our community.  I remember taking art classes there myself decades ago.

Camp Carnegie ::

Carnegie Arts Center Theatre

Camp Carnegie

The Red Dragon who forgot how to breath fire and the Clarinet who was always sleepy:Camp Carnegie Kids

The Dome:Carnegie Arts Center DomeThe Box Office:

Carnegie Arts Center Box Office

The ornate ceiling in the Theatre:

Carnegie Arts Center Theatre Ceiling
Carnegie Arts Center Auditorium

The Carnegie is located at 1028 Scott Blvd. in Covington in addition to great programs for children they also offer live performances and productions, events such as the Art of Food, Art Shows and MORE!  Visit the Carnegie website for more information.