Mini Egg Frittata RecipeBreakfast time can be a slap-dash mess at my house.  I feel like an under-paid waitress in a diner filled with grouchy customers in the mornings.  It’s all I can do to throw cereal bowls in front of them and get them out the door on time!  I’d rather be offering them a variety of menu items for breakfast, so I’m trying to find some new easy recipes for breakfast so they aren’t just eating Cheerios every single morning.  Recently I started using an old recipe I’ve had around for ages for Mini Egg Frittatas.  They are so simple to put together and then you can freeze them for later (EASY) breakfasts.  And the best thing is, these can be tailored to meet everyone’s tastes!  It’s a perfect breakfast for picky eaters because they can choose their own ingredients.

 Mini Egg Frittatas ::Mini Egg Frittatas Ingredients

8 Large Eggs
¼ cup half & half
¼ tsp. Salt

Olive Oil Spray

Mix-Ins: This can be whatever you like in your scrambled eggs or omelets.  I used bacon and cheddar for half of mine, and Swiss Chard (shredded) with Goat Cheese.  Other options are chopped veggies, spinach, ham, sausage, or whatever else you’d like to throw in there!Mini Egg Frittatas Before Cooking

Coat muffin tin with Olive Oil, Mix eggs, half and half and salt. Distribute evenly in muffin tin. Add mixins of your choice, just sprinkle a little bit of each mixin over the egg mixture.  You really don’t need to add much of the extra ingredients, just a little bit as seen in the picture to the right. Bake at 350° until they are  golden (20-25min).  The muffins stick to the pan just a bit sometimes, you can run a knife or fork around the edges to loosen them up and get them out of the pan.

I prefer these egg frittatas served hot out of the oven, but they are also fine to freeze and defrost for an easy breakfast on a busy morning.  You just freeze them individually and then microwave them for 30 seconds at a time until they are heated through.  Max loved having his bacon, egg  & cheese Frittata this morning!  It was a hit!  And it took me the same amount of time to re-heat as it would have if I had made him a bowl of cereal.

Mini Egg Frittatas Hot Out of the Oven

What’s your favorite way to eat a Frittata?