The Friendly MarketToday the boys and I visited The Friendly Market in Boone County for the first time.  This market opened in 2013, and has some great local vendors and products.  The Friendly Market is a  smaller market than Findlay Market, but I liked the intimate vibe, and loved the fact that the business owners themselves were behind the counters.  I really enjoyed my time spent this afternoon talking to the different vendors about their wares.  I came home with some amazing ingredients for dinner and some of our favorite brews.  Friendly Market boasts produce, spices, high quality meats, homemade ice cream, a fantastic liquor store, a plethora of olive oils,a great selection of seafood, fresh baked bread, jams made in Kentucky, homemade soaps and more.  You can get a glimpse of the goodness in the pictures below.  I highly suggest you hit the Friendly Market for a shopping trip soon!

The Friendly Market ::

Friendly Market Colonel's CreameryOur first stop inside the market was The Colonel’s Creamery where we grabbed some homemade ice cream cones.  They were so delicious!

Friendly Market Colonel Creamery

 I bought myself some truffle oil at the Flying Olive:Friendly Market Flying Olive

We also stopped by Colonel De’s for spices:

Friendly Market Colonel De

And we grabbed steaks for dinner at Butcher Betties: Butcher Bettie's Henry

Toe Jam & Frog Jam at The Kentucky General Store made by Spring Valley Farms:

Friendly Market The Kentucky Proud

HOT! Peppers from Scott Farm:

Friendly Market Scott Farm

And lots of great local items at the Produce Connection:

Friendly Market Tomatoes

Friendly Market Eggs

Unbridled Spirits has a great selection of Kentucky Bourbons:

Friendly Market Unbridled Spirits

Have you been to Friendly Market in Boone County?  It’s going to be one of my go-to Farmers Markets from here on out!  I love this place!

Friendly Market:  10050 Norbotten Drive  Florence,  KY 41042