Camp Fire Cooking  Meat & Veggie PacketsI feel like my family was stuck in a rut with our camping menu when we take our annual camping trip to Red River Gorge, so I was intrigued when I came upon a recipe for Meat & Veggie Packets from the 100 Days of Real Food blog. I was determined to make this meal for my family when we took our camping trip over Fall Break. Unfortunately, Mother Nature had other plans for us. The forecast of 90% chance of thunderstorms was enough to make us change our plans last week. Even though we ditched our plans to tent camp we still made a campfire dinner happen.

For dinner we enjoyed the Meat & Veggie Packets, along with some other campfire goodies. The packets were super simple to put together and everyone really liked them. These packets aren’t just perfect for a campfire dinner, you could make them on the grill too. I’m envisioning these being a great dinner to take to the pool next summer! Campfire food doesn’t have to be something you struggle over. If you want some more campfire food tips, visit to turn your camping trip into five star cuisine!

Meat & Veggie Packets ::

(I want to show you how easy it is to make these packets…visit 100 Days of Real Food for the complete recipe)

Step One: Prep your ingredients….so many fresh yummy veggies in this dish!

Meat & Veggie Packets Ingredients

Step Two: Mix veggies and meat together

Meat & Veggie Packets Mix

Step Three: Place meat & veggies on foil and drizzle the marinade on top. Fold up the foil, and refrigerate for an hour or two.

Meat & Veggie Packets FoilStep Four: Light a fire

Meat & Veggie Packets Fire

Step Five: Throw the packets on the coals to cook. Ours cooked for about a half an hour, until the meat was done and potatoes were tender.

Camp Fire Cooking  Meat & Veggie Packets

Step Six: Open and Enjoy! But use caution, the packets are super hot and release steam!

Meat & Veggie Packet Dinner

We also dined on Popcorn & S’mores of course!


SmoresMarshmallows***By the way, we got new skewers from Dick’s Sporting Goods…and they were so much better than finding sticks! Plus the pointy ends don’t stick out, which makes it more difficult for my children to impale each other.

Visit 100 Days of Real Food for this recipe and so many more, as well as inspiration for eating real food vs. processed foods. I love this blog so much! And if you want to see a throwback post of Max talking adorably about “Smarshmallows” visit this post. And for more Camping Menu Plan ideas visit this post.