Sugar N SpiceI love breakfast. So much so that I sometimes wish we lived in the Shire with the Hobbits so that it would be socially acceptable to have second breakfast every day. Lunch is over-rated. I’m all for having two breakfasts a day and then dinner. But I don’t want just any breakfast. I want a GOOD breakfast.   Because of my obsession with all things breakfast I’m always looking for new (to me) places to grab breakfast. Most recently we tried Sugar n’ Spice Restaurant in Cincinnati with the lovely Amy Q. from In A Galaxy Blog. Why oh why had I not been to Sugar n’ Spice before this?!? I loved this place! It was super cute and kitschy, with old school style booths (even a half-booth for breakfast for two), seating at the lunch counter, little rubber ducks lining the walls and some huge “breakfast” murals on the walls. They offered service with a smile and the food was quite tasty indeed. I see many more trips to Sugar n’ Spice in my future.

Sugar n’ Spice Restaurant ::

Sugar N Spice Pigs and Pancakes

The decor:

Sugar N Spice Skillet

Sugar N Spice Pancake Painting

Sugar N Spice Painting Waffles

The food:

Sugar N Spice QuesadillaThe Breakfast Quesadilla …. sooooo good!!!

Sugar N Spice PotatoesAmy Q’s potatoes with cheese…OH MY!

Sugar N Spice PancakesOhHenry’s wispy pancakes…I tried them, and they are delicious!!!!

Sugar  N Spice Henry#OhHenry obviously loves the pancakes!

 Sugar n’ Spice Restaurant is open for breakfast and lunch and they are  located at  4381 Reading Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45229 you can find out more about their hours, location and menu on the Sugar n Spice Facebook page.