New Riff DistilleryI have always loved shopping at The Party Source.  They really are a one stop shop for any sort of party.  We are particularly impressed with their selection of craft beers, especially the local brews.  Now there’s even more reason to head to The Party Source, as in the past year they became the home to Ei8ht Ball Brewing and the New Riff Distilling & Event Center.  This past summer Michael and I were invited to take a tour of Northern Kentucky’s very own New Riff Distilling where they are just in the beginning stages of creating their own bourbon.  We love bourbon, and have always enjoyed taking tours at bourbon distilleries all over Kentucky, so we did not hesitate to say yes when we were invited to this tour.  When we went they had just started their very first batch, so I felt like we were witnessing history in the making.

New Riff Distilling ::

New Riff


New Riff Equipment


New Riff Michael


New Riff Sensory Lab


New Riff OKI

New Riff CocktailThe distillery is very cool in and of itself, but New Riff is not just about the bourbon.  They also offer an awesome event center that would be perfect for rehearsal dinners, wedding receptions or other parties of that size.  The event center offers a few different rooms you can rent. The Tower Room offers gorgeous views of the Ohio River and Cincinnati and has an outdoor patio that is classy & fun at the same time.  New Riff also offers tastings, events, cooking demonstrations, “Meet the Chef” nights (on my wish list!),  and more.  And of course there’s the gift shop where you can pick up OKI Reserve Bourbon or other New Riff gifts.

New Riff Event Center ::

New Riff Event Center Deck


New Riff Event Center

New Riff offers FREE tours of their facility to the public (followed by a tasting).  The tours are educational and very interesting.  We have been on tours of distilleries before, but still I learned some new things on this tour.  The people who run New Riff are so excited and passionate about their work, and this enthusiasm rubs off on you when you take one of their tours.  Even if you don’t drink bourbon, seeing the process behind Kentucky’s prize beverage is still a really cool experience.  Visit their website for more details and to sign up for a tour.

After we toured New Riff we headed over to Party Source to buy some of our favorite craft beers and then we stopped at Ei8ht Ball Brewery to have a few beverages before heading home.  Ei8ht Ball has an impressive line up of beers on draft to choose from, and they offer popcorn for their customers and often have a food truck set up by the back patio outside where you can grab a bite to eat and enjoy your beer.  So basically you can turn a trip to the liquor store into a memorable outing by tacking on a tour of the distillery and stopping for drinks at Ei8ht Ball.  Party Source is no longer just a store, it’s an adventure.

 Ei8ht Ball Brewery ::

Ei8ht Ball


Ei8ht Ball Brew


Ei8ht Ball Brewery

Visit the Ei8ht Ball Brewery and New Riff Distilling & Event Center websites for more information!