Bali Maki AppetizerOur family loves to have game nights, and at these game nights we simply must have some munchies to snack on while we play.  A few months back my brother in law brought a game changer to our family game night.  He brought homemade Bali Maki.  What’s Bali Maki, you ask?  Well, my kids call it “steak on a stick”, it’s a popular appetizer at many Chinese restaurants.  It never occurred to me to try to make this tasty appetizer at home until my brother in law brought them to our last game night.  They were delicious!  And I wasn’t the only one who thought so, seeing as they were all gobbled up after being taken out of the oven.  Kids and adults alike were excited to be eating one of their restaurant favorites at home.  I can see Bali Maki being a popular dish at my house, and once summer comes I think it would make a perfect pool dinner!

Here’s where to find the Bali Maki recipe that Nicholas used:  Bali Maki Recipe

Now I just need to get his ribs recipe….


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