Lunchbox Buddies Note CardsDo you pack lunches for your children, or do they pack their own?  We are a family of lunch-packers, and sometimes I like to liven things up just to keep it interesting.  I was given a few packs of Lunchbox Buddies note pads to check out and have fun with.  Lunchbox Buddies are silly note cards with wacky characters on them and a fun message for your kids.  The notes are made of cardstock and can be colored by your child to make them more unique.  Each pad contains 20 different characters and can last for a whole month of school lunches!    I slipped them into my children’s lunches last school year and they thought they were hilarious!  Lunchbox Buddies are reasonably priced and you can find them on the Lunchbox Buddies website, buy them now so you are prepared to bring some giggles to your child’s lunch this coming school year!

Lunchbox Buddies

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Disclaimer ::  I was given a few packs of Lunchbox Buddies for review purposes, but all opinions are 100% my own!