The Old Milford Parlor:  Coffee & Ice CreamLocated in the heart of Old Milford, right smack in the middle of Main Street is the most unique coffee shop/ice cream parlor that we’ve ever been to…the Old Milford Parlor.  Decorated with a quirky, unique flair you can’t tell what era you’ve stepped back into, but you’ve definitely stepped back in time when you walk through the doors.  You will find old school cartoons on the TV (the day we visited it was Disney’s Pinocchio), JFK and Michael Jackson shared wall space and the window view tables had some old school typewriters & microscopes for those that had a little work to catch up on while they sipped their coffee (or you can bring your new-fangled devices and borrow their free wi-fi).

Old Milford Parlor is an old school style Ice Cream Parlor mixed with a hip new coffee shop.  You can get some of Cincy’s best creamy soft serve ice cream OR a coffee OR you can mix the two with one of their coffee + ice cream concoctions.  And if you opt for soft serve they have a ton of different toppings lining the counter for you to choose from.  The other things that are really old school about the Old Milford Parlor are the service and the prices.  The worker who served us was super sweet, and the prices did not break the bank.  If you are ever in Milford make a point of stopping at this one of a kind Coffee Shop + Ice Cream Parlor.  We live about 25 minutes away but I know we’ll head back sooner rather than later…just writing this post is making me want to taste test some coffee + ice cream creations!

Old Milford Parlor: Ice Cream & Coffee ~

Old Milford Parlor 1

Old Milford Parlor

Old Milford Parlor 2


Old Milford Parlor 4


Old Milford Parlor 3

Old Milford Parlor is located at 119 Main Street in Milford, Ohio.  Visit the Old Milford Parlor Website & Facebook Page to find out more about this sweet shop!