Behind the Scenes with the CyclonesThis week Henry and I attended the Cincinnati Cyclones Media Day at the US Bank Arena and it was quite a memorable event for both of us.  We had a fabulous lunch, met the Cyclones mascot “Twister”, played Knockerball, visited the locker room, saw the Zamboni up close and Henry even got to shoot some pucks with some of the players!  It was an exciting day and Henry hasn’t stopped talking about it.  Hockey is one of my favorite sports to watch, so it was fun to meet some of the players in person and talk to them.

The Cincinnati Cyclones are just starting their 2015 – 2016 Season, and they have some really awesome promotions in store for their fans…such as Super Hero Night, Kids Eat Free Night, Princess Night, Star Wars Night, Indoor Fireworks and MORE!  We’ve attended many Cyclones games and they are always a fun time…more like a party than a sporting event.  The games are fast paced and thrilling & there’s always excitement in the air.  Check out the Cincinnati Cyclones website to see the schedule and purchase tickets.

Behind the Scenes with the Cincinnati Cyclones:

Cyclones Zamboni

Cyclones 2

Cyclones 1

Cyclones 5

Cyclones 4

Cyclones 3


Cyclones Locker Room

Cyclones RelentlessThis sign sums up the Cincinnati Cyclones team on the ice…it is painted on the door frame leading out of the locker room.

Cyclones 6