Two Cool Books for Kids that Encourage CreativityAt our house we try to constantly encourage our children to get crafty and to lend a hand in the kitchen.  Recently I was given copies of two awesome books to review, and the kids LOVED them.  In fact, it was hard for me to actually even get my hands on the books once the kids saw them!  WILD EATS AND ADORABLE TREATS and HOLIDAY CRAFTS both have great pictures and easy to follow instructions for kids to create awesome masterpieces at the art table and in the kitchen.  All of my kids (ages 5, 8, 10, and 12) were able to use these books with ease and create masterpieces and delectable delights.  I loved that Henry could even utilize the books even though he can’t read.  The pictures alone were able to guide him in a few instances, and he eagerly oversaw the creation of some fabulous birthday cards for his Dad and Nana.

Crafts 1

Two Cool Books for Kids That Encourage Creativity ~ 

Quesadilla DinosaurWILD EATS AND ADORABLE TREATS: 40 Animal-Inspired Meals and Snacks for Kids (10/6/15; $14.99) by Jill Mills, a regular contributor to Community Table, livens up mealtimes by turning the law of “don’t play with your food” on its head. Jill’s dishes, reimagined as different animals from owls, to pigs, sheep, and many more, will entice your children to eat balanced meals and transform the tedious routine of preparing snacks and meals into fun family activities.

***MY NOTES: The food items in this book are fun and creative, and super EASY for kids to create themselves, with a little bit of help from an adult for some of the recipes.   Ella is just getting to the age of babysitting, and some of these recipes are great for easy dinners when she’s in charge!  Just look at that adorable Quesadilla Dino she made!

Crafts Cards 2HOLIDAY CRAFTS: 50 Projects for Year-Round Family Fun (11/3/15; $19.99) by Linda Reece, engages your little ones in hands-on family time instead of merely plopping them in front of the television or iPad. These 50 year-round holiday-themed crafts are accessible and appropriate for 3- to 10-year-olds. Inside you will find Father’s Day tie card, stuffed heart valentine, paper clover craft, and so much more.

***MY NOTES:  This book has crafts for so many holidays!  The kids have taken it for now, but I’m going to steal it back when I start teaching again, because I’d love to use some of these ideas in the classroom with my preschool students!  Super easy, and super cute!

Either one of these books, or BOTH as a set would make an awesome gift for any young child!  Or maybe not even a gift, maybe your kids are just stir-crazy and need some fresh ideas for fun, or are ready to start trying their hand at preparing food.  Either way, these books should be on their bookshelf!  You can find them on Amazon!

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Disclaimer:  I was provided with copies of these books for review purposes, but the opinions are 100% my own.