The Pirate Ship at John's PassIf  you ever travel to the Tampa Bay area of Florida near John’s Pass & Madeira Beach you should most definitely add a Pirate Cruise to your list of things to do while in that area.  I took three of my kids on a Pirate Cruise at John’s Pass on one of the few sunny days we had while we were in Florida last year.  It was so much fun…and not just for the kids!  The crew pretty much keeps the kids entertained so the adults are free to enjoy the sites, chat with others on the boat, sip on an adult beverage or walk around and explore the ship and chat with the captain.  But watch out, those kids are being turned into pirates while you are enjoying your quiet time.   At some point you might get soaked by water guns if you get in the middle of a pirate brawl.  Or you might have kids scampering under your feet searching for hidden treasure.   The kids not only get to have a water fight and search for gold but they do a ton of other fun stuff like have a dance party, listen to spooky pirate stories and get their faces painted.  And if you are lucky you will probably see some sea creatures while on the cruise.  The captain keeps his eye out for dolphins and other cool creatures and points them out to the guests on the boat.  We saw a few dolphins from a distance and the  kids were really excited about that.  As my kids would say an “EPIC” time was had by all on the Pirate Ship, which you can tell from the pictures below!

The Pirate Ship at John’s Pass:

The Pirate Ship

The Pirate Ship Gold

The Pirate Ship View

Some pirates wear Chucks!
The Pirate Ship Chucks

The Pirate Ship Limbo

The Pirate Ship Henry

The Pirate Ship Stories

To find out more about the Pirate Ship Cruises at John’s Pass visit their website or Facebook page!

Florida Vacation 2015: For our Summer Vacation in 2015 we spent ten days in Florida, exploring the Tampa Bay and Gulf area with our family.   There was an unusual amount of rain while we were there, but fortunately for us there’s plenty of fun to be had indoors.   We spent quite a bit of our trip exploring museums, an aquarium, breweries, restaurants and more!   I’ll be sharing our Florida vacation adventures in a series of posts in the hopes that they will inspire you to plan a trip to Florida for your family!  Many thanks to my friends at the St. Pete’s & Clearwater Visitor’s Bureau for helping me plan this trip.  So many memories were created while we were there!

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