Green Dog Cafe in CincinnatiIf you live in the Cincinnati area and are looking to dine at an “environmentally conscious” restaurant then you really need to visit the Green Dog Cafe.  They offer organic, locally sourced menu options, including many vegetarian options.  The food here is delicious and served with a fancy flair, but the restaurant itself is laid back and casual.  The prices are very reasonable and the portions are huge, so you  might even leave with some leftover for lunch the next day like I did.  Green Dog’s menu is unique and interesting…you will get your food served to you fast, but this is no everyday fast food joint.  The food is high quality and delicious.  I’d suggest checking out the Green Dog Cafe Menu online before you go so you can think about what you want to order.  This was one of those restaurants that I had a terrible time deciding what to eat because everything sounded good to me!

Green Dog Cafe ~

Green Dog Cafe Turkey Club

Michael had the Green Dog BLT with a side salad and I had the special they were serving that evening, Bangers and Mash with some amazing onion gravy concoction.  YUM.

Green Dog Cafe Bangers and Mash

The Kids Menu offered choices that are both healthy AND inexpensive!

Green Dog Cafe Kids Menu

Mmmmm….Madisono’s Gelato to go!

Green Dog Cafe Madisono's Gelato

Beautiful art work adorns the walls:

Green Dog Cafe Artwork


From the moment I wrote this post I couldn’t get the idea of going to Green Dog for brunch out of my head, so this past Sunday we gave it a go.  Their brunch is scrumptious!  Make plans to grab a bite at Green Dog Cafe soon!  Here’s some pictures from our Sunday Brunch….

Michael got the Huevos Rancheros, and he shared just ONE bite of them with me and it was SO GOOD!

Green Dog Cafe Huevos Rancheros

I had the Farmer’s Breakfast, which was hearty AND tasty:

Green Dog Cafe Farmers Breakfast

Henry gave the Green Dog Cafe his seal of approval as well!  He loved the Mickey Mouse pancake and he had a fruit cup that was gobbled up before I could think to take a picture.

Green Dog Cafe Pancake

The Green Dog Cafe is located at 3543 Columbia Parkway in Cincinnati.  Visit the Green Dog Cafe website for hours, menus, etc.