Fiesta Baby ShowerLast year my family gathered for a festively themed “Fiesta” Baby Shower for my cousin Megan and her husband Bryan. My cousins and aunts spent so much time focusing on the details of the party to make it creative and unique. Even Ella got in on the planning fun and made a hilarious diaper cake. The party was held on a beautiful day so the guests could spend time inside and out, catching up with people. Everyone had fun, from the young to the old. The food was DELICIOUS, the decorations colorful and festive, and being with family was priceless.

Of course I documented all of the Fiesta Baby Shower ideas for you with my camera to help you plan your own party…and this theme could be great for a wedding shower, birthday party or any other celebration, it’s perfect for all ages! But first, my best friend is throwing a baby shower soon and we are so excited for their new arrival! They have wanted a baby for such a long time, so it is going to be a huge celebration. The last time I spoke to her she was busy booking some portable toilets for the big day. The baby shower is going to take place in her garden and she has invited over 100 guests so portable toilets are going to be essential! Apparently she managed to negotiate a great portaloo hire price. I cannot wait to see how it all turns out! My friend has even booked an event photographer, Olga Topchii, to capture the day – Click here for more info about Olga Topchii Photography services. What a day it is going to be! So, let’s get started…

Fiesta Baby Shower:

Fiesta Baby Shower Banner and Gifts

Ella’s Fiesta themed Diaper Cake:

Fiesta Baby Shower Diaper Beer Cake

Punch & Lemonade:

Fiesta Baby Shower Punch Table

Build Your Own Taco Bar:

Fiesta Baby Shower Taco Bar

Seafood Salad Tacos: Made with Seafood Salad from Keegan’s Market in Cincinnati:

Fiesta Baby Shower Lobster Salad Tacos

Mexican Tart Appetizers:

Fiesta Baby Shower Mexican Tarts

Tostada Cups ~ My Aunt Patti made these by cutting up tortillas and putting them in a muffin tin and then filling them with taco fixings and baking for a few minutes until the tortillas are golden.

Fiesta Baby Shower Tostado Cups

Mexican Fiesta Mac and Cheese:

Fiesta Baby Shower Food

The Beer! And Lemons & Limes…

Fiesta Baby Shower Beer Cooler

The Sweets:

Fiesta Baby Shower Sweets

The kids had a lot of fun with the Pinata! This picture captures the moment when Max decapitated the poor donkey, the expressions on everyone’s faces make me laugh:

Fiesta Baby Shower Max Pinata

Do you have any more ideas for a Fiesta Baby Shower? Leave your ideas in the comments below!