Cape Canaveral Beach Last year I took my first trip ever away from my family and spent a weekend in Cape Canaveral with a few close friends.  I was hesitant to leave home, not because I thought my family would be lost without me, but because I’m very much a homebody and don’t like to be away from them.  It turns out once the plane landed in sunny Florida I was suddenly okay with the thought of having a weekend of “Mama time”.  It was a perfect peaceful retreat, and just thinking about it months later still soothes my nerves.

For our three days away we mainly focused on RELAXATION.  Our time was spent sitting on the beach with our toes in the sand, dining on fabulous food, sipping adult beverages and laughing late at night.  It was the perfect getaway for this busy mama.

A Weekend in Cape Canaveral:

Cape Canaveral Morning

Cape Canaveral at Dusk


Cape Canaveral Grills Restaurant Lionfish

This is probably the most interesting piece of seafood I’ve ever dined on…it’s a Lionfish, served at Grills Seafood Deck & Tiki Bar…it was delish!

Cape Canaveral Florida Beer Company

If you are in Cape Canaveral and you like craft beer you NEED to visit the Florida Beer Company and try a flight. It’s a really fun place to hang out.   While you are there you can snack on gourmet popcorn or order food to be delivered.  I really enjoyed their brews, both at the brewery and at local restaurants.

Cape Canaveral Key Lime Pie from Publix

When in Florida a Key Lime Pie is a MUST!  My friend Angie has told me that best Key Lime pies are found at Publix, and she’s not wrong…it was tasty!

Cape Canaveral Fish Tacos

Fish tacos at the Sandbar Sports Grill in nearby Cocoa Beach are definitely worth writing home about.  And they serve beer from the Florida Beer company as well.  Eating at Sandbar Sports Grill isn’t like eating at a typical sports bar…it’s more like going to a party.  This place was hopping with live music and lots of people!

Cape Canaveral Sandbar Beer

Cape Canaveral Mai Tiki Bar

Cape Canaveral Mai Tiki Bar Cocoa Beach

Cape Canaveral Vargas Cafe

Our last meal in Cape Canaveral was breakfast at Vargas Cafe, a restaurant known for their awesome Cuban food.  I loved all of the money from different countries hanging from the ceiling…very cool!  The owners were super friendly and the food was great.  Next time I’m down that way I will have to stop back for dinner or lunch.

More fun in Cape Canaveral:

We were in CC for such a short time, and our main focus was on leisure and relaxation, so we did not really have time for any local attractions beyond restaurants and a brewery.  There’s plenty of other fun stuff to do while in Cape Canaveral, like visit the Kennedy Space Center, watch the Cruise ships come and go at Port Canaveral (this is really cool!), check out the Exploration Tower at Port Canaveral, or take a guided boat tour.  Can you add any ideas for a fun trip in Cape Canaveral?  Comment below and share your ideas!

Cape Canaveral Cruise Ship at Port Canaveral