Rabbit Hash, KentuckyToday we took a long drive in the country and made a stop in Rabbit Hash, Kentucky.  We love this quaint little town on the banks of the Ohio River.  It’s the only town that I know of that has a four legged friend as a mayor, a Border Collie named Lucy Lou.  We have been to Rabbit Hash many times over the years for concerts, picnics, festivals, and just to sit & sip root beer by the river.   This was our first visit since the devastating fire that destroyed the General Store.  The community of Rabbit Hash, both the residents and the frequent visitors, have rallied together and are moving forward to rebuild.  For now you can find your homemade goods, Rabbit Hash bumper stickers, rock candy and root beer at the temporary General Store in the barn.  Have no fear though, plans are underway to rebuild the General Store.  While you are shopping please be generous and drop a few bucks into the donation jar, I have a feeling it will be greatly appreciated.  Before we know it there will be potluck dinners and concerts in the General Store once again.

Rabbit Hash ~ 


Rabbit Hash Bumper Sticker

Rabbit Hash Ohio River

Rabbit Hash Kids

Rabbit Hash Store

Rabbit Hash Love

Rabbit Hash Art

Rabbit Hash Frog Banjo

Rabbit Hash Driftwood

Driftwood for sale!

Rabbit Hash Gas Pumps

Sam wondered if we could get gas in Rabbit Hash…

Rabbit Hash Fire

The sad remains of the Rabbit Hash General Store.