I had the privilege of getting to see the latest special exhibit at the Cincinnati Museum Center, Da Vinci – The Genius and I was quite overwhelmed with all of the amazing things this man created in his lifetime.  This exhibit made me feel as if I had stepped into a magical workshop where Da Vinci brought his drawings and plans to life.  There were larger than life creations that were made using the drawings of this genius, as well as many paintings and other works of art made by Leonardo.  There is even a section of the gallery where you can get hands on with some of the inventions.  And there is a fascinating section devoted to the Mona Lisa.  I think this was an amazing educational experience, and I hope to return with  my family so that they can witness this as well.  Read more about the exhibit below and see some of the pictures I took on my visit…

Da Vinci -The Genius

daVinci Mona LisaDa Vinci – The Genius is a fascinating intersection of history, science, art and technology. The exhibit features 17 themed galleries with more than 200 pieces, including over 70 life-sized inventions, educational animations of da Vinci’s most notable works and an eye-opening, in-depth analysist of the most famous painting in history, the “Mona Lisa.” Push, pull, crank and interact with many these exhibits for a hands-on understanding of the scientific principles behind them. Da Vinci – The Genius presents the mind behind the man, a genius in his own lifetime and whose brilliance has withstood the test of time and inspired some of society’s most incredible inventions including the helicopter, airplane, automobile, parachute and submarine. Da Vinci – The Genius challenges you to pursue knowledge and dare to dream.

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daVinci Ideal City

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