Ghostly Manor in Sandusky, OhioSpring Break 2016:  We spent a long weekend travelling to three different cities in Ohio finding unique & interesting places to explore and visit.  We stayed in some awesome hotels, ate some great food and saw so many cool things!  I’ll share our trip with you in a series of installments in the coming weeks to help inspire your own Ohio Road Trip!

Ghostly Manor Thrill Center ~

The name says it all…Ghostly Manor Thrill Center is full of thrills.  Thrills for all ages, from bounce houses for the little ones to a haunted house for the older ones.  It’s amazing how many fun things they have squeezed under one roof at the Ghostly Manor Thrill Center.  My  kids lost their little minds when we entered the Ghostly Manor.  It took much discussion and debate to figure out where to begin on our visit.  Finally it was decided that we would start with the bounce houses.  Henry had so much fun exploring this play area, and the big kids did too, but the lure of the other sections of Ghostly Manor were too strong.

Ghostly Manor WizardOur next stop was the XD 4D Theater where we went on a wild virtual roller coaster ride…it was intense!  I am not a roller coaster fan at all but even I thought this was a blast.  The kids could have spent the entire day riding this over and over again, but  I pulled them away so we could try out the Wizard’s Journey mini-golf.  This was probably the coolest game of miniature golf my  kids have ever played.   It was a 3D Mini Golf game with blacklights and bright colors.  You work your way through a labyrinth to slay a dragon and save the wizard.  SO COOL!  After they save the wizard the kids moved on to the skating rink, where they zoomed around on scooters for a good long while.  All in all it was an awesome adventure.  The only thing we skipped was the haunted house…I’m saving that for when the young ones are a little older.  Next time you are in the Sandusky area be sure to schedule a visit to Ghostly Manor!

Ghostly Manor Bounce House 2

Ghostly Manor Wizard's Journey

Ghostly Manor Mini Golf Dragon

Ghostly Manor Scooters

Ghostly Manor Ella

Ghostly Manor Arcade


Ghostly Manor XD 4D Manor

Ghostly Manor Play Area

Ghostly Manor Dragon

Ghostly Manor Thrill Center is located at 3319 Milan Road in Sandusky

Disclaimer:  My family was given complimentary passes to visit Ghostly Manor for the day.   All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.