easy-halloween-party-snackI always love to host a Halloween Party, but sometimes I do not have the time to make it as fun and creative as I would like. Sometimes I have to cut corners and take the easy way out. But just because there are not enough hours in the day does not mean that you can’t bring your A game when you show up at your neighborhood Halloween party! I have a super easy Halloween party snack idea to share with you.

When my boys were in Kindergarten their teachers would put together this ghastly Halloween party snack buffet for their class party and it seems like a super easy way to make the kids happy! Kids can serve themselves at this Halloween Snack station and make a little spooky trail mix to snack on!

How to Make a Super Easy Halloween Party Snack:

Set out bowls with various gory treats with spoons for serving and label each monstrosity with a cool sign as pictured below. Then give each child a Ziploc bag and let them scoop the various snacks into their bag. The Ziploc bag is perfect because then if a child isn’t able to finish their snack during the party they can take it home with them!


Eye of Newt: Yogurt covered raisins ~ Goblin Eyes: M&M’s ~ Vampire Teeth: Candy Corn


Ghoul Guts: Cheesey popcorn ~ Bat Poop: Cocoa Puffs ~ Witch Bones: Pretzel Sticks


And my favorite…Ghost Poop: Mini Marshmallows

This is a simple way to make a party fun and make little ones giggle.