smokehouse-brewing-companyWhen our family is travelling we really try to avoid stopping at chain restaurants for meals along the way.  Even if it’s just for lunch on a long drive, I would much rather stop at a unique, locally owned restaurant for a meal than to grab something at a restaurant you can find in any city.  When we traveled to Sandusky for a long weekend recently I thought it would be fun to stop for lunch in Columbus because my friend Terri had recently mentioned visiting some great breweries in Ohio’s capital city.  I asked her for a few recommendations and when it came to a brewery with food one of the recommendations was Smokehouse Brewing Company.    The Smokehouse Brewing Company was not far from our route and then menu boasted some BBQ dishes that made my mouth water just to think about them, so  we decided it would be a good place to stop for lunch.

We all agreed that it was a great place to stop.  The BBQ Sliders were delicious, and the kids were stoked to see shrimp on the kid’s menu.  Michael and I shared a flight, and I could not help but find Katie’s Summer Wheat to be my favorite.  Even though the restaurant was hopping during the lunch hour on a Friday our service was pretty fast and everyone was very friendly.  It was a much more enjoyable experience than rushing through a fast food drive thru!

Smokehouse Brewing Company in Columbus, OH







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Smokehouse Brewing Company is located at 1130 Dublin Road in  Columbus, Ohio