zebra-pen-reviewA short while back a box of goodies arrived in the mail and all of a sudden war was declared at our house. The package contained a huge collection of Zebra Pen products and we all hurried to stake claim on which pens we wanted. Ella is still mad at me for claiming an entire pack of Zebra Fineliner Pens for myself for scrapbook work. Surely we are not the only family that freaks out about office supplies, right?

Zebra Pens:

zebra-pens-note-card-writingThe Zebra Pen collection really opened my eyes to the difference between OK pens and great pens. We received a pack of Zebra SARASA pens in many different colors and these were my favorites! They are retractable gel pens but they do not smear. I hate when ink smears…that’s the worst! I have been using the green and purple SARASA pens non-stop for a few weeks and they have not run out of ink.

The Fineliner Pens are perfect for my scrapbook and just the occasional Post-It Notes and I might some times use them to make my journal projects, and we have so many colors in the pack that I now have a color for every different color scheme I use when I design my scrapbook pages.

I did not get to try out the colorful mechanical pencils, because the kids took off with them and I did not even get to keep one! But I have it on good authority that the mechanical pencils rocked!

Zebra pens and mechanical pencils are super cool and would make great stocking stuffers or gifts for those who love to write or draw!


Disclaimer: We received Zebra pens for review purposes but all opinions are 100% my own!