Dinner can be a battle at my house sometimes, but there’s one food that ties the family together…PIZZA!  Recently we visited Salvadore’s Pizzeria on Dixie Highway in Elsmere and we had a fun family dinner.   This restaurant hasn’t always been known as Salvadore’s.  If you’ve been around Northern Kentucky for years like us then you may have heard of Pasquale’s.   Salvadore’s started out as Pasquale’s on Dixie Highway.  They are no longer in their original location, but their new digs are really nice and spacious.

The Salvadore’s menu offers a wide selection of pizza parlor classics and not just pizza.  They have soup, appetizers, salad, calzones, hoagies and more.  They also have a full bar with a great selection of beers, including several craft beer choices.  The prices are just right on their menu, which is awesome when you are feeding a crowd.  And even though our server was brand new she  still did an awesome job at keeping up with all of her tables.

We went to Salvadore’s on the night of Ella’s All Star Band Concert to have a special family dinner.  My grandmother went with us, and everyone from six years old to ninety years old had a great dinner, from soup to salad to pizza.  We cannot wait to go back again!

Salvadore’s Pizzeria

The bruschetta was perfection…

Obviously Henry loved the pizza…

Tasty Caesar Salad:

Chicken Alfredo for Ella Rose:

Chicken Noodle Soup for Grandma:

The Adult Beverage Selection:

Menus from Yesteryear:

Salvadore’s Pizzeria is located at 3218 Dixie Highway in Erlanger, Kentucky.  Visit the Salvadore’s Pizzeria website for menus, hours and more.